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Maui Surf

Maui Surf

If you're heading to Maui, the last thing you need is an itinerary, but if 'learning how to surf' is on your bucket list, then lock plans to take lessons. There are plenty of beaches that have small and consistent waves with breathtaking views from the ocean guaranteed to get you motivated to stand up for the first time. Maui offers plenty of surf schools to choose from, but PAIA Surf School located at POME clothing store in the little town square of Paia is by far the best.  I recommend calling to schedule your lesson a few days in advance so the classes don't fill up. If weather doesn't permit, you'll still have time to re-schedule. For 99 bucks, they offer semi-private lessons that start with serving you a freshly cut coconut, a quick lesson on land and then a 30 minute guided tour to the beach via a cute Volkswagen hippie van (...a nice surprise). This is way beyond anything touristy. 


  • Bring your GoPro. They have a longboard with an attachment.

  • Bring sunscreen that doesn't include reef-damaging substances (or buy it at their store). The local community in Paia is passionate about reserving the reefs!

  • Plan to spend an afternoon or evening in Paia. The town is full of cafes & boutiques and backs up to a beach as well.

  • Invest some time into talking with the instructor & his wife and hopefully you will get to meet their adorable surfer baby. Their story behind their brand is inspiring!

  • Ask for the option to have a professional photographer shoot your first surf.

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My 'Bangspiration'

My 'Bangspiration'

Santorini:  Thireas Hotel

Santorini: Thireas Hotel